Sandra Aldao, originally from Argentina, and Amaranta Ferrao, originally from Brazil.


We  first met in Sayulita in 2003, and sharing a love of fashion and design, began working together in 2005, and we opened a workshop, Areias Leather. ( what means sand in Portuguese)

Mixing colors, textures and imagination we started our dream.

We make all types of leather items, with the leather being very soft, which we get from Mexico and Argentina. We make bags, clutches, hanging leather mobiles, jewelry, and on occasion, clothes.

Areias Leather is in essence a combination of cultures, which represents styles shared between countries like the passionate Argentina, the exotic Brazil and our beloved Mexico.

Featuring a variety of handmade accessories in various leather textures

threads and fabrics.

We are really happy to have a business here because Sayulita is our home, and while what we do is a lot of work, we love what we do. We’re very fortunate because not only do we sell our products here, we also sell them in the United States, Europe, and Australia and Japan and make some shows in different places and meet amazing peoples.

Everything is authentic and is handmade. We cut every hole, make every stitch, cut the fringe by hand, we do everything. Larger bags/purses take us as many as 12 hours to finish, while smaller ones may take about 3 hours.

You will find great pieces that range from an irresistible fringed bag to perhaps a simple but attractive

caprichito in crochet or even a unique and extravagant piece of jewelry.

Come and share our dream

Sandra y Amaranta.